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Notice is hereby given that the Central Bowie County Water Supply Corporation Board of Directors will meet in a regular monthly meeting in the Central Bowie County Water Supply Corporation Office, 2822 Hwy 82 West, at 6:00 PM, on Tuesday, January 10, 2023.  Items to be discussed are as follows:


1.   Call to Order

2.   Open/Public Discussion:

 The Board of Directors allows individuals to speak to the Board. Prior to the meeting, speakers must sign in on the public comment sheet. The time limit is five (5) minutes per speaker.

3.   Read and approve minutes of the December 6, 2022 meeting.

4.   Secretary/Treasurer’s Report

5.   General Manager’s Discussion - Financial, Operations/Maintenance, and Personnel

6.   Old Business

  1. Consider and take action on Capital Improvements to include status/progress of existing projects, proposed projects, and any conceptional proposed projects for the future:


  1. Hayter 065004 CBCWSC 98 Pump & Rock Creek Pump Stations(Disinfection System Improvements)

  2. Hayter 065006 CBCWSC TxDOT Utility Relocation

  3. AMI Water Meter Conversion

    1. Current issues and strategies

  4. Hayter 065008? EPP

  1. Consider and take action on vacant licensed operator position (full and part time), current operators in training, special incentives, and other related matters

  2. Consider and take action on CCN amendment

  3. Consider and take action on old office building

  4. Consider and take action on purchase of new workstations

  5. Consider and take action on 2023 Budget

  6. Consider and take action on sale of real property for the US 82 Improvement Project

  7. Consider and take action on TWU wholesale water purchase contract amendment




7.  New Business

a.  Consider and take action on account 403, leak discount.

b.  Consider and take action on Tariff, Customer History Report Fee

c.  Consider and take action on leak discount


8.   Executive Session

The Board of Directors is authorized by the Texas Open Meetings Act to convene in closed or executive session for certain purposes. These purposes include receiving legal advice from its attorney (Section 551.071); discussing real property matters (Section 551.072); discussing gifts and donations (Section 551.073); discussing personnel matters (Section 551.074); discussing security personnel or devices (Section 551.076); or discussing economic development matters (Section 551.087). If the Board of Directors makes a determination to go into executive session on any item on this agenda, the Presiding Officer will announce that an executive session will be held and will identify the item to be discussed and provision of the Open Meetings Act that authorizes the closed or executive session.


9.   Reconvene in Open Session

10. Discuss and take action on Executive Session

11. Adjourn

POSTED AT 4:00 PM, Friday, January 6, 2022


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