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About Central Bowie County WSC


Central Bowie County Water Supply Corporation (CBCWSC) is a member owned, not-for-profit water supply corporation organized under Article 1434a of the Revised Civil Statutes of Texas of 1925, as amended, supplemented by the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act, Article 1.101 et seq., as amended.  CBCWSC  has served members in Bowie county since 1971.


The Corporation by-laws provide for a nine member Board of Directors which meets on the 1st Tuesday of each month at the corporation’s office facility.  Directors are elected at the annual Membership Meeting which is held on the 3rd Thursday in March at the New Boston Community Center.  Day-to-day operations are carried out under the direction of the General Manager.


The original system, financed by the US Government, provided service to approximately 200 customers in the Malta area.  In 1979 a government financed addition was made in the Dekalb and Simms communities.  Another government financed expansion took place in 1991 with lines being extended into the communities of Daniel’s Chapel, Moss Springs, and Rock Creek.  Another government financed expansion was completed in 2002 which added lines north of Dekalb and in the Simms area east of the James Bowie schools.  Between 2012 and 2014, 2 elevated storage tanks were added and many smaller water lines were replaced with larger ones,  financed by TWDB and USDA-RD.  In addition, a number of small extensions have been made over the years.  Some of these extensions were paid for by new members and some were done at the corporation’s expense. We now have over 2900 connections with new members being added each month.


Our service area covers approximately 200 square miles.  The distribution system contains over 321 miles of pipe.  We maintain 5 elevated tanks, 2 standpipes, and 5 ground storage tanks, at 8 different locations.  We have over 800,000 gallons of storage capacity. We purchase all our water from Texarkana Water Utilities (TWU).  The water originates from Lakes Millwood and Wright Patman and is filtered and treated by TWU.  Additional treatment by CBCWSC is limited to re-chlorination on an as needed basis.


Current assets are valued at over $13 million, liabilities are approximately $6 million, leaving a net worth near $7 million. The corporation’s annual budget is over $1 million.  Our water rates and services must provide sufficient revenues in order to service our debt, cover all operations and maintenance expenses, and provide for future capital improvements. 


We employ 3 licensed professionals, 2 field workers, and 4 office personnel.

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