FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is a FAQ or what does FAQ stand for?

A: FAQ is an acronym for "frequently asked questions."

Q:  Will you read my meter?

A:  We only read residential meters at no charge for individuals who can provide a written statement from a medical doctor, in which the doctor themselves, states that in his/her opinion the individual is not capable of reading their own meter.  In regards to all other residential meters, we will read it for a cost of $12.50 per month at the members expense, in addition to their total water bill.

Q: Do you accept debit and/or credit cards?

A:  Yes. We do accept most major debit and credit cards, with the exception of American Express. We also accept cash, check, or money orders.  We cannot, however, do automatic payments or online bill pay at this time.


Q: Why do I have to pay $25.00 even when I don't use any water?

A:  The $25.00 minimum represents the member’s portion of our fixed costs.  If everyone on the system used no water, there would still expenses.  For example:  Insurance; debt service; electricity; payroll, fuel, and our own minimum monthly charge to TWU, our wholesale water provider. 

Q: I have sold my home, what needs to be done to take it out of my name?

A:  When a member sells their residence, it is asked that they fill out a transfer form, stating that they are transferring their account to the new owners. However, the membership will not be taken out of the previous owners name until all of the required information is received from the new buyers. This information includes but is not limited to, membership forms, a recorded copy of the deed, and a right of way easement.  

Q: How much will it cost me to have a meter put in on my property? Is there a standard amount or can you give me an estimation? 

A:  The cost to set a meter varies per service request submitted. We are unable to provide you with an "estimation" without going over the details of the meter set itself. This in itself takes time. When we receive a service request we must consider the many variables in which could affect the cost of the meter set. For example: Location of the meter, distance from main water line, if a contracted road bore in necessary, in addition to the cost of the meter itself.  

Q: How do I read my meter?

A:  Please view the photo below as an example of what your meter looks like. When you read your meter you will read the numbers registered on the black and white analog dials. You will include all numbers showing on the analog dial and always be sure to add the stationary zero at the end. So for example, if your water meter starts at all zeros as shown in the meter below, and it now reads 0001500, your gallons used would be 1500 gallons. 

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